ARC Metal is an innovative company that has been servicing the Melbourne construction industry since 2017. Looking after fabricating and manufacturing of structural and architectural projects, we provide metal work solutions from design through to completion.

For large and small scale projects alike, ARC Metal can provide in house drafting, expertise in project management and risk mitigation, resulting in high productivity and expert delivery for multiple projects simultaneously.

The staff at ARC Metal are experienced and knowledgeable in the construction industry and have a strong sense of professionalism. We work seamlessly as a team to deliver a best in class service and workmanship with a focus on quality, safety and adaptability.
ARC Metal is focused on delivering excellent service. We take great pride in our high quality and experienced tradesmen, their ability to take initiative, utilise the best resources and deliver high quality results on time. On site and off site, the team delivers excellence in a customer focused service, knowing that a successful project requires open and respectful communication.

To speak with one of our professionals about your next project, please contact us